»As commercial pilots, we have already emitted too much CO2 into the atmosphere in our lifetime - without any personal influence worth mentioning, in inefficient airspace and at a critical altitude. That's why we decided to create something sustainable that serves aviation to meet its carbon reduction goals and inspires other industries to focus on sustainability.« 

(Founders acep e-training)

Office & electricity

We refrain from using offices, but consistently rely on the home office/mobile office. This measure, which is inconvenient for us, saves resources on furniture, heating and electricity, among other things.

We obtain our electricity from renewable energies:

  • acep e-training: organization & course production

  • acep e-training: web hosting (Strato)

Work equipment

Our work equipment is purchased on the basis of strictly sustainable criteria. In our daily work, it is particularly important to us to produce as little waste as possible.

  • laptops (Lenovo)

  • eco paper

  • catering e.g. at workshops


Our partners and suppliers support our commitment to sustainable eLearning and also rely on regenerative energies for their services.

  • TUTORize (LMS): programming & support, server & server backup

  • Bergmann Consulting (online academy): programming & support

Our sustainable training not only takes care of the environment, but also of your employees.

If you would like to learn more about how holistic and appreciative employee development and training communication gives you an edge over the competition, read more about our concept.

For more information about what drives our company development, see our vision.